Developing Advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture Facilities Nationwide


We invest in the real estate. When evaluating real estate for potential CEA sites, we employ traditional real estate purchase criteria such as a focus on “buying low” – properties with motivated owners/sellers and great prices, great terms or both. These could be underperforming existing farms, rural raw land or large empty buildings in an urban environment. Before closing on the purchase, we identify and negotiate the terms of a long-term lease or joint venture arrangement with a creditworthy operator – typically a professional farmer – to build the facility to pre-approved specifications and under the supervision of our agricultural experts.

We invest in the farm operations. A significant portion of the funds is allocated to tenant improvements and support in order to produce revenues as expeditiously as possible during the first year of operations. As in a commercial percentage lease, we receive our allocated portion of the farm’s revenues on a continuing basis until the owners’ interest in the project is sold. The combination of these investments in the real estate, the improvements and it’s operations result in a significantly appreciated value and long-term sustainable profits

We seek the opportunity in Qualified Opportunity Zones

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