Developing Advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture Facilities Nationwide

At Tanya Development, we focus on developing Build-To-Suit Controlled Environmental Agricultural (“CEA”) real estate projects that can appeal to risk adverse investors by adopting strategies to mitigate the risks traditionally associated with agricultural investment opportunities.
“A February 2011 Science Illustrated article stated: "In commercial agriculture, CEA can increase efficiency, reduce pests and diseases, and save resources. … Replicating a conventional farm with computers and LED lights is expensive but proves cost-efficient in the long run by producing up to 20 times as much high-end, pesticide-free produce as a similar-size plot of soil.”

Our team includes experts with diverse backgrounds in agriculture, real estate development, real estate investment, leasing and finance. Our approach is to apply traditional real estate principles to the production of food, with an emphasis on finding and partnering with established growers and ag-related operators who can bring both experience and  relationships with purchasers to ensure both a reliable income stream and an efficient operation. We bring all of the traditional skillsets underlying a successful development project to the ag space, including careful site selection, land planning and construction management.

Thank you for the opportunity to present Tanya Development’s program to turn the vision of the farms of the future – into a reality today.

For a further definition of CEA,please click here.